AEP- NMR Business


Hi, We are Aep- Nmr. We Help Businesses Build Their Dreams.

AEP-NMR was established in 2013 as a boutique advisory consulting firm with global experience and expertise in strategy, enterprise and human capital development which we offer through traditional, digital and online channels to significantly scale delivery.

We are a 100% black owned and female managed organisation, with an advisory structure and expertise of in industry specialists whom we tap into to deliver top value to our customers  or partners.


“The Business was born out of the acute awareness that businesses require specialized and customized support to enhance productivity, improve performance and execute impact driven business activities.”

Our Amazing Clients

Delivered the best solutions  and we would like to thank the organizations for their business

Services We Can Help You With

Learning & Development Interventions

Human capacity development is the proccess of developing and strengthening the skills, instinct, abalities, processes and resources that organizations need to survive

Strategic Development

To be successful means knowing how to use your talent and resources to your advantage, and it;s very difficult to 'win' if you do't have a game plan in place

Enterprise Development

We work with business owners to develop and implement customized business growth plans suited to their circumstances and ambititions. We work with business owners directly and indirectly, through investors, professionals, organisations and goverments that recognise their value and wish for them to survive and thrive

Leadership Development

We help business owners to expand their capacity to perform in leadership roles within the organizations to execute effectively and facilitate strategies through building winning mindshare and grow capabilities